Country Beats Radio - Michigan

DJ Ronnie Trash gave my song "Husband John" its debut in the US radio market Jan 21, 2021 

On Jan 29, 2021 my song "Husband John" was #19 on the Top 20 Countdown of new songs for that week !! Recently it was #15 on the Top 40 Countdown. It is now, April and "Husband John" is still played regularly so it's having a good run!  In March 2021  my single "You're Not Done Here Yet" was added to the Country Beats Radio family. In May, my newest release "Spencer's Song" (In Your Father's Eyes) began regular rotation. In October 2021, "Husband John" made Uncle Tom's Top 10 list on Country Beats Radio !! In 2022 "My Dream of Love" & " Rare Man Wanted" started daily play rotation!!




HUGS at WRGG - Pennsylvania

EZ Daye at HUGS at WRGG has been a great supporter of my music in 2022. He has added "Husband John " to the Top 200 chart and the song peaked at #57 with organic fans choosing the song, so I am grateful indeed! "My Dream of Love" has recently been added to the Top 200 !

Kayden Gordon Radio Show - Massachusetts

"My Dream of Love " was added to Kayden's Show in early 2022. The Kayden Gordon Show is a syndicated country music radio show on JParkerRadio, SDC Radioworks, Belgian Country, Lime City Radio Network, My Life Is Country Radio, MusicBox4Friends

Maverick Roadhouse Radio - Kentucky

In February 2021, Kentucky DJ Clay, of Maverick Roadhouse Radio included my song "Husband John" in The Wild West Country Show as well as adding my other 2 songs into weekly play rotation  "Love Like There's No Tomorrow" & "You're Not Done Here Yet" The radio station has also added all my songs to their Spotify & YouTube playlists in March 2021. 

YouTube Channel for the station: ...My songs are on "Off The Rails 8 , 5 & 3" playlists . 

Spotify playlists:

"You're Not Done Here Yet" on Playlist 3 & 8 

"Love Like There's No Tomorrow" on Playlist 5 & 6

"Husband John" on Playlist 2

In October 2021, I became a Featured Artist on the Radio station's website!

Radio Calistoga - California

In June 2021, all my music was added to Radio Calistoga in California  by host Dennis DeVilbiss.