Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you write songs?

Answer:  To share positive perspectives of  life experiences through my songs. To connect with you the listener at a heart level so the stories have a personal meaning . To share my passion for music & storytelling. To make you feel something when you listen to each song ...  To open your heart and offer it Light.... while you experience this Heart Based Music ! 

2. What is Heart Based Music?

Answer: I am all about people's energy vibe, what they radiate to the world about who they are. I connect to people that way from the energy of my heart to the energy of theirs. This music is intended to speak to your heart, your Soul & your Spirit..... Offering you great music by iconic Canadian rock musicians & positive emotional sound vibes, healing & hope from me.

3. Why is it important for you to help others with your songs, storytelling & positive energy?

Answer: We are all here for a reason, my purpose is to help others through music & storytelling. Perhaps to teach people to connect to others from their heart, to be real, genuine, even vulnerable at times. My songs look at real relationships and life experiences, sometimes happy ones.....sometimes sad and sometimes extremely difficult moments of life... The way through it all.... is having connection with others, feeling a sense of belonging and being part of a larger community. We all need this.... to stop the loneliness, isolation & loss of hope that plagues so many. We all need to care about and help one another. So let's get what you can.

4. Are your songs written about real life situations?

Answer: Yes, most of my songs are written about something I have experienced or watched others experience.

5. Are your songs about your personal life?

Answer: Yes, many of the songs have my personal story in them but the lyrics have been written in global terms that make them relevant to all listeners

6. When will you share your personal story of challenge and overcoming with your listeners?

Answer: I have plans to write a book and share my life story at some point down the road. For now, let's just say, it has been a long and winding road of difficulty & relentless challenge. The great news is, I made it through to the other side !

7. Why did you start singing and writing songs?

Answer: I began singing and song writing in 1993 as a way of expressing what I was feeling at the time because I had no other way to be heard. I found it to be a very positive way to express myself generally and to connect to others through the emotions conveyed in the song. 

8. How did you find the courage to sing in front of an audience for the first time as a complete beginner in 1993?

Answer: In 1993, I was terrified to stand up in front of an audience to speak ...never mind to sing!  I wasn't confident that I had the talent to sing professionally at the time. The thing that moved me past the fear I felt, was I had something to say, emotional connection to offer the audience and I absolutely loved singing. So I felt the fear but did what I wanted to do anyways! 

9. Why did you write Husband John from a humorous perspective & with a sassy attitude ?

Answer: While "Husband John" is about being cheated on, I wrote the story from the perspective of the woman being strong enough to know her own value rather than being a victim. The woman in the story is "claiming her feminine power" while choosing to find some humour in an otherwise heart breaking moment of her life.  It comes across as  "sass" because she knows she will be ok without a relationship to define that moment she realizes.....SHE is defining herself from now on. So, this isn't about the man at all...This is a Female Empowerment Anthem !

10. What is the song " Love Like There's No Tomorrow " about for you personally?

Answer: This song is about how I learned to deeply value people while they are in my life moment by moment. I learned to say "I love you" often and to express gratitude daily. We never realize the importance of " the moment" until that moment passes and they are gone. Hopefully we have told them how much they are loved, hopefully we have no regrets for things unsaid or problems unresolved. Hopefully we have peace of mind, that we were able to say good bye to them. 


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