Runaway Train - Single releasing soon

A fun and upbeat song with a light hearted look at a relationship that's gone sideways.

 Written by: Sandra Beth Stanton, Raymond Marshall Roper & Randy Dale Gabel 


Vocals: SB Mackhigh Stanton & Ray Roper 

Musicians: Ray Roper (Stonebolt) - Guitars, Piano & BGVs. Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite) - Bass. Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks) - Fiddle. Scott Gamble (Daniel Powter) - Drums.

 Produced by Ray Roper 

The One

An Inspirational Country/ Christian Country/ Country power ballad about love, devotion & gratitude. Produced by Ray Roper. Distributed by The Perry Music Group via The Orchard a subsidiary of Sony Music. Featuring Musicians: Ray Roper (Stonebolt) & Marc Gladstone (Prism)  

Things You Can't Take Back

A song of personal reflection and awareness of the truth, that there are some things that cannot be undone. It is a prayer of sorts, if only it were possible to go back and redo certain moments of life. This is a heartfelt inspirational song for everyone. Featuring musicians: Ray Roper (Stonebolt) & Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite) .

Never Been Lucky in Love

An upbeat fun Country Rock tune about the quest to find true love & all the adventures that involves. Featuring musicians: Ray Roper (Stonebolt) Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite) Randy Gabel (formerly with Darby Mills Project) Ray Lee (Timber Wolves).

Rare Man Wanted

An upbeat fun Country Pop Rock tune about looking for that "once in a lifetime man" Featuring Iconic rock musicians Ray Roper (Stonebolt) & Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite) along with Nashville pro Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks / Dolly Parton) & new to our team Ray Lee (Timber Wolves)

My Dream of Love

A Country Rock power ballad, focusing on the beauty of finding the love of your life. Featuring iconic rock musicians Ray Roper (Stonebolt), Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite) along with Nashville pro Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks/ Dolly Parton)

Spencer's Song (In Your Father's Eyes)

A tender Country Rock ballad featuring a unique blend of iconic Canadian Rock musicians Ray Roper (Stonebolt), Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite), Marc Gladstone (Prism) with Nashville's pro musicians Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks / Dolly Parton) & John Heinrich (Ronnie Milsap/ Barry Gibb)

You're Not Done Here Yet

A Celtic Pop Rock/ Alt Celtic Country Rock tune featuring iconic rock musicians from Stonebolt, Honeymoon Suite & Daniel Powter

Husband John

An upbeat & fun Rock/ Alt Country Rock tune featuring musicians from iconic Canadian rock bands Stonebolt, Honeymoon Suite, Darby Mills Project & Paul Rodgers Band

Love Like There's No Tomorrow

A power Rock / Alt Country Rock Ballad featuring musicians from iconic Canadian rock bands April Wine, Prism & Stonebolt (100% Canadian Content/SOCAN)

Santa Can't Dance

This Rockin' Country Christmas song is about what we do for those we love. It looks at how we will go out of our way to bring a smile to the face of the person we love, just to see them beaming with joy! Featuring Musicians: Ray Roper - Stonebolt/ Ray Roper Project Gary Lalonde - Honeymoon Suite/Toronto Produced by Ray Roper

Sleighin It

An upbeat & fun Christmas Rock/ Alt Country Rock song featuring musicians from Stonebolt, Honeymoon Suite, Daniel Powter & Le Mo Nay. Produced by Ray Roper