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When you can keep navigating towards your one goal with total focus even when those around you have long given up on the idea that you will ever reach are already successful because you never gave up on your vision! ....So when you finally do reach that summit you were striving for, it is truly a moment of personal celebration and quite surreal to all of a sudden have people want to acknowledge you and be a part of a moment that they never believed would come for you...... but against all odds it did! ” - (SBMS)


SB's music journey began in 1993, with the help of friend Kevin Bradshaw. Six months later in July 1994, her Canadian debut, was opening act for Wayne Rostad (of "On The Road Again" TV show) & Juno Award winner, Bobby LaLonde. Later that night, she was the headliner for the Canada Day celebrations in Cornwall, Ontario to a crowd of 10,000. During this time, SB set a goal to have her own TV show. SB's career skyrocketed from there and she went from being a complete unknown to TV host and star of her own country music show in a matter of 4 years....with support from local radio stations CFLG, (Cornwall), WVNV (Malone, New York) and CKBY (Ottawa) as she progressed. There were large newspaper articles written about her rapid ascent in the music industry by The Glengarry News and The Standard Freeholder, both claiming she was a rising star and one to watch....  

As SB pursued her dreams of having her own music TV show (1994 to 1998/1999) ...*She opened many more times for Juno Award winning TV host Wayne Rostad...*Had the privilege to open for “Canada's First Lady of Country Music”, Juno Award winner Carroll Baker...*Recorded a demo at the studio of Roy Nichol - drummer for the band "APRIL WINE"...*Submitted that recording and was chosen as 1 of 9 top vocalists for the Y105 Talent Showcase in Ontario which was managed by (Country Music Hall of Famer) Ron Sparling and Laurie Ann Entertainment Agency...*Toured with the Y105 Talent Showcase to Ottawa, Navan, Avonmore and Carp Fairs with the Rollin Thunder Band (and Ted Gerow previously of the FIVE-MAN ELECTRICAL BAND ) and CCMA nominated singer Nancy Denault...*Qualified to perform at Wayne Rostad's Gatineau Clog in 1996 (one of Canada's largest country music festivals)....*Performed on the televised Country Music Hall of Fame and Induction Ceremonies where she met Master of Ceremonies, RONNIE PROPHET (former host of the Grand Old Canada / The Ronnie Prophet TV Show) who recognized and spoke with SB about her star quality.  

SB's TV performance lead to these open doors:...*Bruce Golden, a Juno winning singer songwriter offered her the opportunity to perform in a duo act with him in 1996....*SB was approached by the Oshonto Boot Company and asked to wear their custom made Cowboy boots when she performed and act as a spokesmodel. She enjoyed her position there for two years....*In late 1997, SB was approached for commercial print modelling but she stayed on the path towards TV....*In early 1998 SB's dreams were manifest as, Cogeco TV Director, Ron Handfield, contacted her and asked her to become the host of a country music TV show called DOWNHOME COUNTRY.  

SB lived in Montreal at that time and was busy pursuing her music career with her own band as a solo artist and other local bands Sundown, The Authentics and Tennessee Wind. SB was the host of DOWNHOME COUNTRY TV SHOW from 1998-2001. SB wore many hats on the show. She enjoyed working in front of the camera as Host and performer as well as behind the scenes as Co-Producer with her Producer Charles Palmer (Canadian Photographer) and Director Ron Handfield ....DOWNHOME COUNTRY was deemed a success ......and she was destined to achieve big things.......however, filming ended at the close of 2001 when SB had to leave her beloved show due to a family health crisis.  

SB had to make huge changes in her career path. She began studying Energetic & Natural Medicine to become an “at home” caregiver for her son. In 2002, SB announced her retirement from live performing; and opted to continue her song writing efforts until her son regained his health, however, he never did.... so SB had to get creative to move forward...she wrote many songs over the years and stayed very focused... her passion for her music never wavered... nor did her dedication to the care of her son. Always the optimist and not a person to ever give up, SB kept believing she could continue on her music path.  

In the summer of 2015, SB briefly returned to live performing in Alberta, Canada at the 39th Annual Daines Country Music Pic-Nik, sharing the stage with Juno Award winner, Gary Fjellgaard and CCMA Award winner Shane Yellowbird.  

In December 2015, SB was signed to Premier Talent Management in Vancouver, BC and her first acting gig was on the Warner Bros TV series "Lucifer".  

In 2016 SB returned to Daines Country Music Pic-Nik, for its 40th celebration along with Juno Award winner Duane Steele & American headliners : Nashville's own, Lacey J Dalton, Rex Allen Jr. and David Frizzell.  

In 2017, SB decided it was time to start recording and releasing the diverse collection of songs she had written from 1994 – 2017; all she needed was a great team of musicians and the right producer. From 2017 to 2019, she networked through the upper level music circles in Canada.  

SB established a team of extremely talented veteran musicians from bands April Wine, Prism & Stonebolt to record her first original song. Working with veteran producer Ray Roper allowed SB to evolve as an Artist. Although she had started her career in traditional Country music, her true expression and writing style crosses the genres Celtic Rock, Pop Rock, Alt Country Rock with a little Soul vibe for added flavor.  

The dream finally became a reality, in Nov 2019. SB released "Love Like There's No Tomorrow” Featuring Ray Roper (Stonebolt/ Ray Roper Project), Roy Nichol (April Wine), Richard Lanthier(April Wine), Marc Gladstone(Prism) & Peter Nichol (King's Quest). The song had its debut on Irish radio Carlow FM in Jan 2021. It was played by 3 different DJ's on their weekly shows. It aired on a Valentine's Day Radio Special Feb 14, 2021 on Carlow FM with DJ Mary Clare and plays regularly on Mary Clare's radio show The Love Zone. Since then, it has aired in Scotland, England, USA, Australia, Belgium & Canada. It has also been YouTube and Spotify playlisted in the USA by Maverick Roadhouse Radio station. In April 2021 the song crossed over in Ireland & Scotland to the Country & Pop charts due to its popularity. The song has also been nominated at the 2021 Red Carpet Awards in Holland for Original Rock Song. 

In July 2020, SB released "Husband John" featuring Ray Roper (Stonebolt/Ray Roper Project), Randy Gabel (Darby Mills Project), Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite/Toronto) & Rick Fedyk (Paul Rodgers Band). On Dec 31 of 2020, it went into a 10 week play rotation on Scotland's Radio Six International station. In Jan 2021 it was picked up by Ireland's Carlow FM station (& its affiliate station in London, Irish radio with Gerry Byrne ). It has aired on Carlow FM's Big Country and Best of Alternative Music Shows. It has also aired regularly in the US on Country Beats radio and was #15 on the top 40 charts. The song then made it into the top 100 of the Canadian Indie Country Countdown national chart in Jan 2021. When it made it into the top 50 charts it was added to their Spotify playlist. After 12 weeks the song peaked at #7.  Since then, it has aired in Australia, Northern Ireland, Belgium & in Canada on 2 of Axis Radio's stations (their Rock and Country shows). It has also been YouTube and Spotify playlisted in the USA by Maverick Roadhouse Radio station. In March 2021 the song received 2 nominations at the Red Carpet Awards in Holland for Country Song of the Year  & Original Country Rock Song.  On May 16, 2021 “Husband John” earned a Josie Music Awards 2021 nomination in the USA for Song of the Year in the Southern Rock Country category. In October 2021, "Husband John" was one of the Top 10 songs acknowledgement in the World Songwriting Awards for Best Rock Song.

In Nov 2020, SB released “Sleighin It” a rocking Christmas song she co-wrote with industry veterans Ray Roper and Gary Lalonde. Featuring : Ray Roper (Stonebolt /Ray Roper Project), Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite /Toronto), Steve Soucy (Le Mo Nay) and Scotty Gamble (Daniel Powter). It was released Nov 17, 2020 and was well received by the online radio audience in the USA, playing 2600 times in 7 weeks. It was also nominated for the 2021 Red Carpet Awards in Holland for Original Christmas Song . In Dec 2021, it was released to radio stations around the world and was chosen as one of the top three Christmas songs at FRH radio in the UK.

In March 2021, SB released her single “You're Not Done Here Yet”, showcasing more of her diverse Celtic Pop Rock (Alt Country) music style and unique vocal sound which she is becoming known for. The song had its pre-release radio debut on Carlow FM in Ireland Feb 1, 2021 to rave reviews. It hit #1 on the Carlow FM charts 3 weeks after it's release. Radiosix International in Scotland has it in a 10 week playlist rotation which began March 12. Since then, the song has aired in England, Northern Ireland, USA, Australia, Belgium & in Canada on 3 of Axis Radio's stations (their Rock, Country & Pop shows). Recently, it was YouTube and Spotify playlisted in the USA by Maverick Roadhouse Radio station. It was also Spotify playlisted Carlow FM Radio station in Ireland. In April 2021 it was submitted to the top 100 Canadian Indie Country Countdown national chart and is presently #46 after 6 weeks. "You're Not Done Here Yet" has had success as a crossover song in soft rock, celtic rock & pop country genres and continues to do well on radio. The song has also received 3 nominations at the Red Carpet Awards 2021 in Holland for Original Country Pop song/ Song of The Year All Genres/ Female Voice of the Year All Genres. SB has received an additional nomination for Female Songwriter of the Year. 

SB released her latest single “Spencer's Song” (In Your Father's Eyes) on Carlow FM Country Radio in Ireland and OZCMR Radio in Australia on May 14,2021 to rave reviews. The song features a unique blend of iconic rock musicians from Canadian bands: Ray Roper (Stonebolt), Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite) & Marc Gladstone (Prism) with well known Nashville musicians (Jimmy Mattingly) Garth Brooks & John Heinrich (Ronnie Milsap). It was released May 17, 2021 on Canada's Axis Country Radio, MKB Radio in the UK on May 22 and Downda Road Radio May 24 in Ireland. 

In June 2021, SB became the Canadian A&R Rep for MC1 Nashville Record Label /Sony The Orchard. In her ongoing wish to help others, she is now offering Artist Mentoring services.

On Sept 4, 2021, SB & her co writer Ray Roper shared their first major music prize  " Songwriter of the Year/ Best Female Songwriter Award" in the International Red Carpet Awards hosted in Holland. 

In 2022 SB released a Country Rock power ballad  "My Dream of Love"  which hit the airwaves on Feb 28 and streaming platforms on March 8. SB's  second single for 2022 called "Rare Man Wanted" was  released on April 8 to streaming platforms and radio, both songs doing very well with fans. "Rare Man Wanted" was #1 on The National Canadian Indie Country Countdown on Aug 14, 2022 and was listed in the Top 50 songs of 2022 in Canada. In September SB released "Never Been Lucky In Love" which made it into the top 4 songs on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown on Dec 10, 2022 . On KB Country Radio, the song reached the Top six and stayed there from Dec 2, 2022 until Jan 26, 2023 peaking at #1 on Jan 12, 2023.

In November 2022 , SB released a Rockin Country Christmas single called "Santa Can't Dance" which was an instant fan favorite on YouTube with over 700 views in 3 weeks. It was also very well received on radio in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Scotland & New Zealand.

New Music News for 2023:

SB's single "Things You Can't Take Back" came out in March and was very well received on radio in Canada, USA, Ireland, England, Scotland, Belgium & Australia. In October, SB was signed to MC1 Record Label as an Artist and her release “The One” was distributed by The Perry Music Group in Nashville via The Orchard a subsidiary of Sony Music. "The One" was well received on radio in Canada, USA, Ireland, England, Scotland, Belgium, Hungary & Australia.

Award season news 2023: 

In the USA, SB received “Female Artist of the Year” from Country Beats Radio. Later in the year, SB received 8 music award nominations at the International Red Carpet Music Awards (Holland) in multiple song categories, songwriting and vocal performance. SB and co writers Ray Roper & Gary Lalonde won for the Best Christmas Song  “Santa Can't Dance”. 

In May, SB & co writers Ray Roper & Gary Lalonde received a nomination at the USA " Josie Music Awards" for their song “Santa Can't Dance”. Held in Nashville at the Grand Old Opry every October, it is a huge honour for a Canadian Artist to receive a nomination! This is the largest Independent music awards show & it is judged by industry standards equivalent to the mainstream Artists.

New Adventures in 2023:

Along with her duties at MC1 Nashville Record Label, SB joined the Media & Promotion team of the Canadian rock band STONEBOLT. SB helped the band get their new single called "Back On the Bottom Line" out to radio. The song was in the top 10 from March 1, 2023 until May 3, achieving #1 for 2 weeks in April, on KB Radio Top 40 chart in Canada. It made the Top 50 chart for 2023 with KB Radio as well!

With great excitement SB shared the news that she was invited to be a Judge for the 2024 International Red Carpet Music Awards in Holland!

2024 Music News:

A new year begins with “The One” hitting #1 on Tailgate Country Radio in Canada! 

The next release & music video coming out later this year will be “Runaway Train” produced by Ray Roper (Stonebolt). Featuring Ray Roper (Stonebolt), Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite), Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks/ Dolly Parton) & Scott Gamble (Daniel Powter)

More exciting music adventures coming up, stay tuned!

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