Sandra Beth SB Mackhigh Stanton

Award Winning

Recording Artist/ Singer/ Songwriter




Celtic Rock,

Pop Rock &

Alt. Country Rock



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My Message To You

Music Is The Language Of The World.....Offering Healing Vibes, Happiness And Hope” - (SBMS)

It is my purpose, to share positive perspectives of real life experiences through my songs. To connect with you at a heart level so the stories have a personal meaning . Whether I am rocking out or singing a tender ballad there is a flow of combined energy (the musicians & mine) coming through in every song. May our passion for music & storytelling, make you feel something when you listen to each song ... May your heart open & be filled with Light as you experience heart based music ! 

Connection is Important to Everyone

Show Kindness.....Change a Life

Show Kindness.....Change a Life

I make a point of connecting with people if they will allow it.... So many people in the world today feel they are invisible to others and that they don't matter...let's change that reality for them ... Take a moment connect with someone today... Have a conversation... Make the difference in someone's life!!

Show Compassion......Change the World

Show Compassion......Change the World

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