April 2024: I signed a distribution deal with The Perry Music Group (Nashville) . They created this opportunity to empower me as an Independent Artist to represent my own music!!

2024 Josie Independent Music Awards in the USA

Recording Artist/ Singer/Songwriter in Rock, Country Rock, Pop Country & Inspirational Country Rock Genres

Awarded by Country Beats Radio in the USA & chosen from their global roster of talent. Recognition is given to Canadian Artist SB Mackhigh Stanton for "Female Artist of The Year 2023"

Songwriter of The Year 2021 in Europe (Streaming on all major platforms, see links & music player below)

Best Christmas song 2023 International Red Carpet Awards (Europe)

12 song music player

Five #1 Singles & Two Singles in the Top 4 Nationally

Distributed by The Perry Music Group in Nashville via The Orchard a subsidiary of Sony Music "The One" hits #1 on Tailgate Country Radio Top 30 Chart on January 14, 2024

Amazingly "The One" hits #1 on Tailgate Country Radio for a second time on the Top 40 Chart on Feb 1, 2024 in Canada.

On Jan 12, 2023 "Never Been Lucky in Love" hits #1 on KB Country Radio in Canada

On Dec 10, 2022 "Never Been Lucky in Love" charts at #4 on the nation wide Independent Country Music Chart in Canada

On August 13, 2022 "Rare Man Wanted" hits #1 on the nation wide Independent Country Music Chart in Canada

On July 31, 2021 "You're Not Done Here Yet" charts at #4 on the nation wide Independent Country Music Chart in Canada

On February 25, 2021 "You're Not Done Here Yet" hits #1 on Carlow Country Radio in Ireland

From My Heart To Yours

"Music Is The Language Of The World.....Offering Healing Vibes, Happiness And Hope "(SBMS)

It is my purpose to share real life stories & experiences through my songs. When a song has a difficult subject matter I look at what matters to us all, at a human & emotional level. Sometimes I will add a bit of humor or sass, to offer an "alternate perspective" on a challenging life situation (that would normally render a different reaction). I hope to connect with you at a heart level so the stories have a personal meaning . Whether I am rocking out or singing a tender ballad there is a flow of combined energy (the musicians & mine) coming through in every song. May our passion for music & storytelling, make you feel something when you listen to each song ... May your heart open, heal & be filled with Light as you experience heart based music ! 

Making a Difference: Connection is Important to Everyone

Show Kindness.....Change a Life

I make a point of connecting with people if they will allow it.... So many people in the world today feel they are invisible to others and that they don't matter...let's change that reality for them ... Take a moment connect with someone today... Have a conversation... Make the difference in someone's life!!

Show Compassion......Change the World


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