I AM- Independent Artist Mentoring

How will I benefit from Artist Mentoring? 

 My purpose in offering Independent Artist Mentoring is to help Artists learn to think for themselves and gain the confidence they need to make good decisions about their music career . I offer guidance on how to determine what your personal goals are. I give incite as to how you turn those clearly defined goals into a plan. The plan gets you moving towards the outcomes you have set for yourself. 

Hello, my name is Sandra Beth Mackhigh Stanton I am an Independent Artist releasing music under the name "Sandra Beth SB Mackhigh Stanton". Radio DJ's call me SB Mackhigh Stanton, my music plays all over the world. I am also an A&R Rep for MC1 Record Label in Nashville. 

I have always been an entrepreneurial minded Independent Artist, which has helped me confidently choose which opportunities were good for me and which weren't. In the 28 years of my music career, having clearly defined goals has helped me achieve everything I set out to do and more. 

The mentoring is available to all Artists. Whether you are just beginning your career or you are well advanced, I am here to help you get moving towards your goals with clarity. The mentoring is personalized, so you will receive very specific guidance . 

If you are interested in booking a one hour appointment for mentoring please fill out the form below. The fee is $50 Canadian for the one hour session. Your appointment can be via Zoom, Skype or by phone.  Payment must be received before an appointment date can be booked.  

Payment Options:   

Paypal: paypal.me/sbmstanton

 Etransfer: sbmackhighstanton@gmail.com

                                                               For credit card payments:

                                         Stripe : https://buy.stripe.com/bIY01H2MNcAAeWI144


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